GDPR Course for SMEs by Philipa Jane Business Consultant

You own an SME. You keep hearing the dreaded acronym - GDPR. You know you need to do something. You don't know what that something is. Sign up here to find out.

LIMITED SPACES available on our online course designed specifically for the small business market in Ireland.  Course covers

1. Introduction to the GDPR
2. Privacy Principles
3. Your Organisation
   - Employees
   - Customers/Clients
   - 3rd Party Service Providers
   - Contracts, policies and procedures
   - Systems
4. Data
   - Categories
   - Discovery
   - Audit
   - Cleansing
   - Management
   - Cross Border Transfers
5. Data Subject Rights
   - Consent
   - Access Requests
   - Data Changes
   - Right to be Forgotten
   - Data Portability
   - Data in Dispute
6. Breach
   - Detection
   - Management
   - Reporting
7. Demonstrating Compliance
   - Processor vs Controller
   - Data Retention Policy
   - DPOs
   - DPIAs
   - Registers
   - Privacy by Design
8. Q&A

Done in simple terms, in your own time and in your own space with hands-on support, should you require it. Course starts January 2018. 

Philipa Jane Farley is a computer science qualified, IT, IP and Constitutional Rights specialist legal adviser who has turned her hand to business consulting. 
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